Adrenal vein sampling

Left adrenal vein:

  • Simmons 2 catheter

Right adrenal vein:

  • Simmons 2
  • Mickelson
  • Lev
  • MPA


  • Prior to the procedure: infusion of 0.25mg of Cosyntropin diluted in 500 ml D5W, infusing at 100ml/hr.
  • 6 Fr sheath
  • R CFV
  • +/- microcatheter
  • Blood from L adrenal vein + sheath
  • Get aldosterone and cortisol levels
  • Blood from R adrenal vein + sheath?
  • Bunch of 3 mL syringes
    • Left adrenal vein: Waste 2 mL, then 2 mL x2 from left adrenal vein then repeat (L1a and L1b samples; L2a and L2b samples)
    • Central vein via sheath: Waste, then 5 mL (single syringe) from sheath
    • Right adrenal vein: Waste 2mL, then 2 mL x2 from right adrenal vein then repeat (R1a and R1b samples; R2a and R2b samples)

Contributing Authors

Kevin Liu