Vertebral augmentation

Vertebral augmentation includes both:

  • vertebroplasty - injection of polymethylmethacrylate cement into vertebral body
  • kyphoplasty - creation of osseous channel(s), followed by injection of polymethylmethacrylate cement

Pre-procedural evaluation and patient management


Palliation of debilitating pain related to acute/subacute vertebral compression fractures. This may include:

  • osteoporotic (fragility) fracture[1]
  • pathologic fracture[2]
    • benign - hemangioma
    • malignant - metastasis

Conservative tx (bracing, pain medication) is an alternative, although may result in prolonged immobility and/or unwanted interaction with narcotics


  • coagulation disorder
  • severe pulmonary insufficiency
  • compromise of the posterior wall vertebral body or walls of the vertebral pedicle
  • active or incomplete treated regional infection
  • allergy to cement components


Immediate and long-term complications

Overall, complication rates are low (<1%) - m/c cement leakage, infection, and drug reactions. [1]

Related to placement [2]

  • pneumothorax
  • rib fx - in setting of diffuse osteopenia, especially thoracic procedures, due to downward force exerted during cannula insertion
  • pedicle fx
  • intercostal neuralgia
  • compression of the spinal cord with paralysis or loss of feeling

Related to cement extravasation from vertebral body * **

  • vascular embolization → PE, myocardial infarction
  • epidural plexus, nerve entrapment and dysphasia
  • cement within the intervertebral disc

* = extravasation is common, although mostly clinically silent [1]
** = rate of leakage lower with kyphoplasty vs vertebroplasty, presumably 2/2 channels [1]

Related to altered spinal biomechanics

  • collapse of a vertebra adjacent to the one injected 2/2 osteoporotic disease

Post-procedural evaluation and patient management


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