Pulmonary Embolism Mechanical Thrombectomy

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Inari Medical

  • Standard venous access equipment
  • 22 Fr Gore Dryseal sheath
  • 260cm Amplatz Super Stiff with a 1 cm floppy tip
  • Angled pigtail catheter
  • Bentson guidewire


  • Femoral vein access
  • Pulmonary artery access using angled pigtail catheter, using a curved back end of the Bentson for stiffness and directionality may help
  • Pulmonary arteriogram, measure pulmonary arterial pressures, make decision for thrombectomy
  • 22 Fr Dryseal sheath exchange over Amplatz guidewire
  • Cross the pulmonary embolism with the 1cm floppy tipped Amplatz guidewire
  • Engage aspiration catheter onto the clot, begin aspiration
  • If no blood return, remove the aspiration catheter with suction engaged and flush with saline
  • Repeat as necessary

Contributing Authors

Kevin Liu